"Look into the horizon and feel the souls of thousands of innocent children waiting for humanity to make a change."

IMG_1461.JPGAll the Children of Light

All the Children of Light is a nonprofit organization that is formed primarily to support orphans inside Syria with education and health care. It is funded only by individuals and is not associated with any political or religious entity. The headquarters is in Golden, Colorado.

Over a year, we supported an orphanage in Salqin, Syria. It houses 800 girls where it provides board, food and education. Another school is within a camp in the Harem, Syria. It educates 500 orphans and supports salaries for 6 teachers. The third school is open now in proximity to Salqin and it educates 800 orphans and supports salaries for 11 teachers. It provides the space and materials for education.

All the funds that were raised up to date are used for this purpose. Currently, we have funds available for educations for 6 months.

All the Children of Light is thriving to raise funds for health care. We will be providing medications and personal care to orphans in the area. This will be primarily to the Salqin Medical Center if funds become available. This regional medical center is the only center in the area and it is currently closed due to lack of funds.

Members of the entity are in the US, Europe and Syria. They are all dedicated to help orphans and all are volunteers. They do not receive any salary or payments for their work.